Manual section ADM

1640 - interface program for the DASI 1640 terminal
5310 - interface program for the ATT 5310/20 matrix printer
accept, reject - allow/prevent print requests to a lineprinter or class of printers
acct: acctdisk, acctdusg, accton, acctwtmp - overview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commands
acct_enable - enable, disable, or report default process accounting
acctcms - command summary from per-process accounting records
acctcom - search and print process accounting file(s)
acctcon1 - generate per login accounting records
acctcon2 - generate total accounting records
acctcon: acctcon1, acctcon2 - connect-time accounting
acctdisk - gather user disk block data
acctdusg - calculate disk consumption for accounting records
acctmerg - merge or add total accounting files
accton - turn on accounting
acctprc1 - generate per process accounting records
acctprc2 - generate accounting total records
acctprc: acctprc1, acctprc2 - process accounting
acctsh: chargefee, ckpacct, dodisk, lastlogin, monacct, nulladm, prctmp, prdaily, prtacct, shutacct, startup, turnacct - shell procedures for accounting
acctwtmp - write accounting records to standard output
addxusers - create new user accounts given a traditional password file
aioinfo - print out asynchronous I/O statistics
aiolkinit - set up asynchronous I/O memory locking permissions
ale - lock and update authentication files
ap - generate account profile for propagation to other machines
asktime - prompt for the correct time of day
asktimerc - prompt for the correct time of day; link to asktime
asroot - run a command as root
atcronsh - at and cron administration utility
auditcmd - command interface for audit subsystem activation, termination, statistic retrieval, and subsystem notification (obsolete)
auditcnv - create default audit mask file
auditd - read audit collection files generated by the audit subsystem and compact the records (obsolete)
auditlog - display or set audit log file attributes
auditmap - create and write audit map files
auditoff - disable auditing
auditon - enable auditing
auditrpt - display recorded information from audit trail
auditset - select or display audit criteria
authck, passwdupd - check internal consistency of authentication database
authckrc - multiuser mode trusted computing base check script
authsh - administrator interface for authorization subsystem
backup - performs UNIX backup functions
backupsh - menu driven backup administration utility
badblk - locate bad blocks within files
badtrk - scan fixed disk for flaws and create a bad track/block table
bcheckrc - check and mount root and boot filesystems at system initialization
boot - system boot program
brand - manage product licenses
bshrink - remove stored file lists from the online backup history
btldinstall - install boot-time loadable device drivers into the Link Kit
btmnt - mount or unmount the boot filesystem
captoinfo - convert a termcap description into a terminfo description
cbackup - perform unattended incremental backup
channels - MMDF Transmission Channels
chargefee - charge a fee to a user account
checkaddr - verify MMDF addresses
checkque - generate MMDF queue status report
checkup - generate report on MMDF problems
chg_audit - enable and disable auditing for the next session (obsolete)
chOSRcompat - display and change OSRcompat package version for applications
chroot - change root directory for command
chsysinfo - change system name and version for applications
chtype - change the usertype of an account
ckpacct - check the size of the accounts file
ckroot_vxfs - ckroot_vxfs
classconf - register SCOadmin object classes
cleanque - send warnings and return expired mail
cleantmp - remove temporary files in directories specified
clri - clear inode
cmos - display and set the configuration database
cnvtmbox - convert XENIX-style mailboxes to MMDF format
configure - kernel parameter configuration program
cps - make specific files consistent with the authentication database
cpuonoff - activate, inactivate or display processor state
cpusar - variant with same options as sar
crash - examine system images
crnlmap - interface program for mapping serial or parallel printers
custom - install, remove, or list software products and components
customextract - extract files from a distribution source
customquery, swconfig - query system contents database; list file status; list software modifications
dac960mon - dac960 monitor utility
dac960sh - dac960 system administration shell utility
dac960tk - dac960 toolkit administration shell utility
dbmbuild - build the MMDF hashed database of alias and routing information
dbmedit - edit the MMDF database file
dcopy - copy UNIX filesystems for optimal access time
dcu - Device Configuration Utility
defadm - display/modify default values
deliver - manage MMDF mail delivery
devattr - lists device attributes
df_vxfs - df_vxfs
dial, uuchat - dial a modem
diskadd - Add a new hard disk drive
diskusg, vxdiskusg - generate disk accounting data by user ID
dispadmin - process scheduler administration
displayintr - show distribution of interrupt handlers on an SMP system (obsolete)
displaypkg - display installed packages
divvy - divide up a disk
dkinit - interactive front end to dparam (obsolete)
dlpid - DLPI daemon
dlvr_audit - produce audit records for subsystem events
dmesg - display the system messages on the console (obsolete)
docview - DocView server administrative utility
dodisk - perform disk accounting
dparam - display hard disk characteristics
dpq10 - interface program for the DQP-10 matrix printer
dumb - interface program for a dumb line printer
dumpmemory - dump memory while in system state 3
dumpsave, ldsysdump - save or restore a system memory image dump
ecc, eccd - memory Error Correction Code (ECC) facility
eccd - ECC daemon
edquota_vxfs - edquota_vxfs
edvtoc - edvtoc
eisa - report on boards that are installed on the EISA bus
emergency_disk - create emergency recovery boot media
emergency_rec - create emergency recovery tape(s)
emulator - interface program for Tandy printers in IBM emulation mode
epson - interface program for Epson serial or parallel printers
f450 - interface program for the DASI 450 terminal
fdisk - maintain disk partitions
fdswap - swap default boot floppy drive
ff - list file names and statistics for a filesystem
ff_vxfs - ff_vxfs
filepriv - set, delete, or display privilege information associated with a file
filter: slow.filter, text2post - filter programs used by the print service
fixmog, cps - make all or specific system files consistent with the authentication database
fixperm - examine, correct, or initialize file permissions and ownership
fsadm_vxfs - fsadm_vxfs
fsave - interactive, error-checking filesystem backup
fscat_vxfs - fscat_vxfs
fsck, p_fsck - check and repair filesystems
fsck_dosfs - check and repair dosfs filesystems
fsck_vxfs - fsck_vxfs
fsdb - filesystem debugger
fsdb_vxfs - fsdb_vxfs
fsname - print or change the name of a file system
fsphoto - perform periodic semi-automated system backups
fsstat - report whether a filesystem needs checking
fstyp - determine filesystem type
fuser - identify processes using a file or file structure
fwtmp, wtmpfix - manipulate connect accounting records
getdev - list devices defined in the Device Database based on criteria
getdgrp - lists device groups that contain devices that match criteria
giomap_noded - monitors the USB bus for printer attachment/removal and creates and removes device nodes named to reflect printer's position on the bus
goodpw - check a password for non-obviousness
graph - draw a graph
groupadd, groupdel, groupmod - add, delete, or change a group account
groupdel - delete a group account
groupls - list attributes of a group
groupmod - modify information about a group account
grpck - check group file
h2n - translate host table to DNS server file format
haltsys, reboot - close out filesystems and shut down the system
hasapm - check power management BIOS-APM firmware
hp - interface program for the HP 2631a line printer
HPDeskJet500 - interface program for the HP DeskJet500, DeskJetPlus, Thinkjet, or QuietJet
HPLaserJet - interface program for HP LaserJet printers
hpnpcfg - configure HP Network Printers
hpnpf - network peripheral filter
hpnptyd - HP network peripheral pty daemon
HPPS - High Performance Pipe System
hw - report hardware configuration
I01MOUNTFSYS - mount filesystems
idaddld - add or remove line disciplines from kernel configuration files
idbuild - build new UNIX system base kernel or configure loadable modules
idcheck - return selected information about the system configuration
idconfupdate - update system configuration files
idinstall - add, delete, update, or get kernel configuration data
idinterface - get interface symbol list
idleout - log out idle users
idmkinit - construct inittab file from configuration data
idmknod - update device nodes to reflect kernel configuration
idmknodd - daemon to update device nodes to reflect kernel configuration
idmodload - load configured loadable kernel modules
idoptimize - optimize a kernel based on workload
idresadd - update Resource Manager database
idspace - determine if there is enough filesystem free space
idtune - set or get the value of a tunable parameter
idtype - set or get kernel build type
infocmp - compare or print out terminfo descriptions
initcond - special security actions for init and getty
initprivs - set the system privilege information
initscript - script that executes inittab commands
install - install commands
installf - add a file to the software installation database
installpkg - install package
instbb - install a hard disk or floppy disk boot block
integrity - examine system files against the authentication database
Intro - introduction to system administration commands
ipcrm - remove a message queue, semaphore set, dynamic shared memory ID, or shared memory ID
ipcs - report inter-process communication facilities status - PostScript file containing euro symbol and ISO 8859-15 character set - PostScript file containing ISO 8859 character set
kbmode - set keyboard mode or test keyboard support
kdb - kernel debugger
kernel - determine or verify name of booted UNIX system (obsolete)
killall - kill all active processes
kinit - init script to start accounting
kprf - kernel profiler
kprpt - report on kernel profile
labelit - provide labels for filesystems
labelit_vxfs - labelit_vxfs
lastlogin - update last login file
ldsysdump - load system dump from floppy diskettes or cartridge tape
link, unlink - link and unlink files and directories
link_unix - build a new UNIX system kernel
list - list processor channel for MMDF
listdgrp - list members of a device group
llipathmap - network driver component location utility (obsolete)
llistat - display network adapter driver statistics (obsolete)
lockpid - lock a process onto a specific processor, lp.set, lp.tell - default printer filter used by interface programs
lp.set - default printer filter used by interface programs
lp.tell - default printer filter used by interface programs
lpadmin - configure the print service
lpfilter - administer filters used with the print service
lpforms - administer forms used with the print service
lpmove - move print requests
lpsched, lpshut - start/stop the print service
lpshut - stop the print service
lpusers - set printing queue priorities
lqp40 - interface program for the LQP-40 letter quality printer
majorsinuse - display the list of major device numbers currently specified in the mdevice file (obsolete)
makekey - generate an encryption key
makewhatis - generate man keyword database
marry - bind block device to a regular file
mccntl - medium changer control
memsize - print memory size of active system or kernel panic dump
menumerge - merge sysadmmenu(F) files
metreg - initialize kernel metrics information (kernel system information)
mkdev - call scripts to add peripheral devices
mkfs - construct a filesystem
mkfs_dosfs - construct a dosfs filesystem
mkfs_vxfs - mkfs_vxfs
mmdf - route mail locally and over any supported network
mmdf_auth - MMDF Authorization
mmdfalias - convert XENIX-style aliases file to MMDF format
mnlist - convert a XENIX-style Micnet routing file to MMDF format
modadmin - loadable kernel module administration
monacct - create monthly accounts
mount - mount memfs filesystems
mount, umount - mount and unmount filesystems and remote resources
mount_cdfs - mount cdfs filesystem
mount_dosfs - mount dosfs file systems
mount_memfs - mount memfs filesystems
mount_vxfs - mount_vxfs
mountall, umountall - mount, unmount multiple filesystems
mpio - manage paths in multipath I/O
mpsar - variant with same options as sar except -P
mpstat - multiprocessor CPU load status display
mthread - show multithreaded drivers and line disciplines (obsolete)
mvdir - move a directory
ncheck - generate names from inode numbers
ncheck_vxfs - ncheck_vxfs
nd - network adapter driver start/stop script
ndcfg - network driver configuration command interpreter
ndstat - display network adapter driver statistics
netcfg - Network adapter configuration utility
netconfig - obsolete name for netcfg(ADM)
netisl - configure network install
netutil - administer the Micnet network
network - interface program for remote UNIX network printing - interface program for remote PostScript printing
nictable - process NIC database into channel/domain tables
nlsadmin - network listener service administration
nodnm - convert device number to list of special filenames
nulladm - creates a blank accounts file
ODM - introduction to Volume Manager utilities
odm - introduction to Volume Manager utilities
osaconf - register SCOadmin Object Service Agents (OSA)s
P00ANNOUNCE - announce system services are being stopped
P20sysetup - generate the system ID file
P70uucp - clean up uucp locks, status, and temporary files
P75cron - stop the cron daemon
p9XL - interface program for the NEC p9XL printer in IBM/Epson mode
p_fsck - check and repair several filesystems in parallel
passwdupd - check internal consistency of authentication database
patchck - check patch status, download and install patches and packages
pbind - bind to a processor
pdi_timeout - obsolete name for sdi_timeout(1M)
pdiadd - obsolete name for sdiadd(1M)
pdiconfig - obsolete name for sdiconfig(1M)
pdimkdev - obsolete name for sdimkdev(1M)
pdimkdtab - obsolete name for sdimkdtab(1M)
pdirm - obsolete name for sdirm(1M)
ph.daps - interface program for the Autologic APS-5 phototypesetter
pipe - list or define pipe filesystem
pipestat - return information on High Performance Pipe System usage
pkgadd - transfer software package or set to the system
pkgask - store answers to a request script
pkgchk - check accuracy of installation
pkgrm - remove a package or set from the system
popper - POP protocol implementation
postscript - interface program for PostScript printers
pprx - interface program for the Parallel Printronix line printer
prc_sync - run startup and shutdown scripts
prctmp - print a session record file
prdaily - format report of previous day's accounting data
priocntl - process scheduler control
profiler: prfld, prfstat, prfdc, prfsnap, prfpr - UNIX system profiler
proprinter - interface program for the IBM Proprinter XL
prtacct - format and print a total accounting file
prtvtoc - prtvtoc
prx - interface program for the Printronix line printer
psradm - processor administration
psrinfo - processor administration information
putdev - create and update the device database
putdgrp - edit device group table
pwck - check password file
pwconv, pwunconv - install and update or remove the shadow password file
pwrd - Power Management event router and servicing daemon
pwrdump - display a Power Management event message
pwrsend - send a Power Management event message
pwrsh - Power Management control shell
pwunconv - remove the shadow password file
qpopper - POP protocol implementation
qume1155 - interface program for the Qume Sprint 1155 line printer
quot - summarize filesystem ownership
quot_vxfs - display file system ownership summaries for a VERITAS (vxfs) File System
quota_vxfs - quota_vxfs
quotaoff_vxfs - quotaon_vxfs
quotaon_vxfs - quotaon_vxfs
racoon - racoon
rc - XENIX-compatible startup script
rc0 - run commands performed to stop the operating system
rc0.d - directory containing shutdown scripts
rc2 - run commands performed for multiuser environment
rc2.d - directory containing scripts that are run when the system goes multiuser
reboot - shut down the system and reboot
reduce - perform audit data analysis and reduction (obsolete)
reject - prevent print requests to a lineprinter or class of printers
relax - change system security defaults
relogin - rename login entry to show current layer
removef - remove a file from software database
removepkg - remove a software package
repackman - convert man pages to packed format
report.expire - generate password status reports
report.expire, report.login, report.term - generate reports for the authentication database
report.login - generate login activity reports
report.term - generate terminal lock status reports
repquota_vxfs - repquota_vxfs
resmgr - display and modify in-core Resource Manager Database
restore - incremental filesystem backup restore
rlpcmd - print on a remote system using TCP/IP
rmail - submit remote mail received via UUCP
rmgroup - remove a user entry from /etc/group
rmpasswd - remove a user entry from /etc/passwd
rmuser, rmgroup, rmpasswd - remove user accounts
rstmp - EMC Symmetrix Disk Restamp Driver
rtpm - real time performance monitor
runacct - run daily accounting
rundig - DocView search indexing utility
S02audit - initiate auditing
sadc, sa1, sa2 - system activity report package
sag - system activity graph
sar - system activity reporter
sar_enable - enable/disable default system activity reporting
sco_pmd - license policy manager daemon
scoadmin - invoke SCOadmin applications or configure SCOadmin hierarchy
scodb - command-line kernel debugger (obsolete)
scohttp - man and scohelp document server
sconf - configure the SCSI subsystem (obsolete)
sd, sdd - start a no-LUID daemon
sdd - start a no-LUID daemon
sdi_timeout - query or change SDI device timeout tunables
sdiadd - hot add mass storage devices to a system
sdiconfig - determine which SDI disk, tape, and SCSI controllers are present
sdighost - lists and/or removes device nodes associated with Ghost Names
sdimkdev - generate device nodes for Storage Device Interface (SDI) subsystem
sdimkdtab - update the device table entries for the SDI subsystem
sdimkosr5 - Convert a disk formatted on OpenServer 5 to VTOC format
sdipath - manage paths in multipath I/O
sdirm - remove existing mass-storage devices from the system configuration
sdistatic - save or compare current I/O subsystem configuration
secdefs - report settings of security defaults
setclk - set the system clock or the real-time clock
setclock, setclk - set the system clock or the real-time clock
setconf - set kernel configuration values
setkey - setkey
setmnt - establish mounted filesystem table
setpriv - restore privileges to system commands
settime - change the access and modification dates of files
setuname - change sysname or hostname
sfmt - perform special formatting
shutacct - shut off accounting
shutdown - terminate all processing
slow.filter - invoke slow filter on files in a print request
smmck - single-user mode trusted computing base check script
smtp - SMTP outbound channel for MMDF
smtpd, - SMTP inbound channel for MMDF
ssoPathMap - return the patch area for an SSO
standard - interface program used by the print service
startup - turn on accounting
strace - print STREAMS trace messages
strclean - STREAMS error logger cleanup program
strerr - STREAMS error logger daemon
submit - submit mail for MMDF transport
suds_ctrl - specify permissions for SUDS functions
sulogin - access single-user mode
swap - administer swap space
swconfig - list software modifications
sync - write all changes to disk
sysadmsh - menu driven system administration utility
sysdef - output values of tunable parameters
sysdump, unixsyms - copy, reduce or inspect a system memory image
sysinfo - generate report on system configuration for diagnostic use
syslog.conf - configuration file read by syslogd - file containing the process ID of syslogd
syslogd - log system messages
TandyDMP - interface program for Tandy dot matrix printers
tcbck, smmck, authckrc - trusted computing base checker, single-user mode tcb check script, multiuser mode tcb check script
termupd - produce an updated Terminal Control database
text2post - convert files from ASCII to PostScript
ti800 - interface program for the TI 855 printer
timex - time a command; report process data and system activity
tplot - graphics filters
ttylock, ttyunlock - lock or unlock a tty
ttymap - install and update /var/adm/ based on /dev and /etc/ttysrch
ttyunlock - unlock a tty
ttyupd, termupd - update the Terminal Control database
tunek - tune system resources appropriate to number of users (obsolete)
turnacct - interface to accton
uadmin - administrative control
udisetup - install a UDI package
umount - unmount a filesystem
umountall - unmount multiple filesystems
unixsyms - make unix symbols file, or report symbol values
unlink - unlink files and directories
unretire, chtype - change the usertype of an account
usbprobe - probe the USB bus for connected devices
useradd, userdel, usermod - add, delete, or change a user account
userdel - delete a user account
userls - list user and system login information
usermod - modify information about a user account
uuchat - interpret a chat-script
uucheck - check the UUCP directories and permissions file
uucico - file transport program for the UUCP system
uuclean - UUCP spool directory clean-up
uudemon.admin - collect uustat data
uudemon.clean - merge log files and clean UUCP directories
uudemon.hour - check spool directory for work
uudemon.poll - control polling of passive sites
uudemon.poll2 - alternative polling scheme
uudemon: uudemon.admin, uudemon.clean, uudemon.hour, uudemon.poll, uudemon.poll2 - UUCP administrative scripts
uuinstall - administer UUCP control files
uulist - convert a UUCP routing file to MMDF format
uusched - the scheduler for the UUCP file transport program
uutry - try to contact remote system with debugging on
uuxqt - execute remote command requests
vectorsinuse - display the list of vectors currently specified in the sdevice file
volcopy - make literal copy of UNIX filesystem
volcopy_vxfs - volcopy_vxfs
vxassist - create, mirror, backup, grow, shrink, and move volumes
vxbootsetup - set up system boot information on a Volume Manager disk
vxconfigd - Volume Manager configuration daemon
vxconvert - convert current file system to a VERITAS File System
vxdctl - control the volume configuration daemon
vxdg - manage Volume Manager disk groups
vxdisk - define and manage Volume Manager disks
vxdiskadd - add one or more disks for use with the Volume Manager
vxdiskadm - administer Volume Manager Disks
vxdisksetup - set up a disk for use with the Volume Manager
vxdiskusg - generate disk accounting data by user ID
vxdump - incremental file system dump
vxedit - create, remove, and modify Volume Manager records
vxencap - encapsulate partitions on a new disk
vxevac - evacuate all volumes from a disk
vxinfo - print accessibility and usability of volumes
vxintro - introduction to Volume Manager utilities
vxiod - start, stop, and report on Volume Manager kernel daemons
vxmake - create Volume Manager configuration records
vxmend - mend simple problems in configuration records
vxmirror - mirror volumes on a disk or control default mirroring
vxnotify - display Volume Manager configuration events
vxplex - perform Volume Manager operations on plexes
vxprint - display records from the Volume Manager configuration
vxquot - display file system ownership summaries for a VERITAS (vxfs) File System
vxreattach - reattach disk drives that have once again become accessible
vxrecover - perform volume recovery operations
vxrelocd - monitor the Volume Manager for failure events and relocate failed subdisks
vxresize - change the length of a volume containing a file system
vxrestore - restore file system incrementally
vxrootmir - mirror areas necessary for booting to a new disk
vxsd - perform Volume Manager operations on subdisks
vxserial - Volume Manager licensing key utility
vxsparecheck - monitor the Volume Manager for failure events and replace failed disks
vxstat - Volume Manager statistics management utility
vxtrace - trace operations on volumes
vxtunefs - tunes a VERITAS File System
vxunroot - remove Volume Manager hooks for rootable volumes
vxupgrade - upgrade the disk layout of a VERITAS File System
vxvol - perform Volume Manager operations on volumes
wall - write to all users
wtinit - object downloader for the 5620 DMD terminal
wtmpfix - corrects wtmp files
xbackup - perform XENIX incremental filesystem backup
xdump - link to xbackup
xdumpdir - print the names of files on a XENIX backup archive
xferstats - compile information about FTP file transfers
xinstall - XENIX installation shell script
xrestor - invoke XENIX incremental filesystem restorer
xrestore, xrestor - invoke XENIX incremental filesystem restorer
xtd - extract and print xt driver link structure
xts - extract and print xt driver statistics
xtt - extract and print xt driver packet traces