xswkey -- establish the modifier key or screen-switching from the X server


xswkey [-[a|A][c|C][s|S]]


The Xsco server supports screen-switching between 10 or 12 screens, depending on the number of function keys on the console keyboard. The default screen-switch key sequence is <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Fn>, where <Fn> is function key 1 through 10 or 1 through 12.

If this key sequence conflicts with programs running under the Xsco server, redefine the key sequence with xswkey. xswkey allows the console user to select a different key sequence for switching from console multiscreens while running the Xsco server. xswkey does not affect screen-switching from any other console multiscreens. Upon switching to a console multiscreen that is not running the Xsco server, use <Alt><Fn> as the screen-switch key sequence.

To run xswkey, you must be at the console, the DISPLAY environment variable must be set, and at least one server must be running. xswkey affects all running servers.

NOTE: If you are running a client on one multiscreen and you switch to another screen, the client on the original screen stops writing to the server until you switch back to that screen.


xswkey accepts any combination of the following options:

-a or -A
selects <Alt> as the screen-switch modifier key

-c or -C
selects <Ctrl> as the screen-switch modifier key

-s or -S
selects <Shift> as the screen-switch modifier key
xswkey options are not case-sensitive. If the xswkey command includes the hyphen, but no letter, you can switch screens with the function keys alone. If no options are specified, xswkey reports the current screen-switch key sequence.


To set the Xsco server screen-switch modifier key to <Shift><Ctrl>, execute any of the following command lines:

xswkey -cs
xswkey -Cs
xswkey -cS
xswkey -CS

To restore the Xsco server and DOS Services screen-switch modifier key to the system default (<Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Fn>), execute either of the following command lines:

xswkey -ac
xswkey -AC

To screen-switch with function keys without <Ctrl>, <Alt>, or <Shift>, execute the following command:

xswkey -

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