Introduction to SCO Panner

The Root menu

The Root menu appears when you press mouse button 1 or 2 with the pointer on Desktop background, or on the Root window, if you are not running the Desktop.

The Root menu has the following items:

UNIX Window
starts a scoterm window to emulate an X terminal

starts a Desktop session

starts a SCOmail session

starts a SCOcalendar session

Screen Lock
locks your display by running SCOlock

Help on SCO Panner
starts a DocView session, displaying the online documentation for using SCO Panner

NOTE: If your documentation is provided through a server (as opposed to being available on your local system), this will not function properly unless you update the /usr/lib/X11/system.pmwmrc file to specify the name of the server in place of localhost.

starts a DocView session, displaying the Documentation Library, which provides access to all of the SCO OpenServer(TM) online documentation.

Panner/Icon Menu
displays the Panner/Icon menu (described below)

redraws your screen

Restart Window Manager
restarts SCO Panner

Quit Window Manager
stops SCO Panner but does not log you out

Exit Session
stops your current session and logs you out
The Panner/Icon menu on the Root menu has the following items:

Pan Up
pans up one screen-height

Pan Down
pans down one screen-height

Pan Left
pans left one screen-width

Pan Right
pans right one screen-width

Autopan on
switches autopanning on

Autopan off
switches autopanning off

NOTE: The Panner/Icon menu is also available by pressing mouse button 3 on the outside edge of the Desktop, or on the Root window, if you are not running the Desktop.

The Panner/Icon menu also allows you to pack icons in the icon box so that they occupy the minimum amount of space, sort the icons by icon title, client title, or instance name, and temporarily remove the panner window from the screen.

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