Working with SCO Panner

Changing the size of your workspace

You may find that your workspace is either too large (it contains more work areas than you need) or too small (there are not enough work areas). You might also want to change the shape of your workspace, preserving the total number of work areas. For example, you might change the workspace geometry from 4x1 (four work areas wide by one high) to 2x2 (two work areas wide by two high).

You can change the size of your workspace by changing the size of the panner in just the same way as you would for any other window. Click and drag on a corner resize handle of the panner to change both its width and height. Click and drag on an edge resize handle to resize the panner in one direction only.

If you enlarge your workspace, more work areas appear on the map below or to the right of the existing ones.

If you shrink your workspace, work areas at the bottom or the right disappear from the map.

NOTE: SCO Panner will not leave windows off the edge of your workspace if you select a panner shape that implies that it would have to do this. It may give you a workspace that is larger than you expect instead. This may happen, for example, if you change from a workspace that is eight work areas wide by one high to one that is one work area wide by eight high. If you had a window in work area 6 (but not beyond), SCO Panner would resize the workspace to be six work areas wide by eight high. Move the windows into the work areas corresponding to the workspace shape you want, and reapply steps 1 and 2 above.

If you set the *pannerResizeNoHide resource to ``False'', this restriction does not apply.

You can also specify the size and location of the panner with the *workspaceGeometry resource.

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