Working with SCO Panner

Selecting the currently active window

The window that receives characters when you type on the keyboard is shown by its window frame being highlighted in a different color from other windows. Its symbolic window on the map in the panner is shown with a red border by default.

How you select the window that receives input from your keyboard depends on the focus policy that the window manager is using.

The focus policies available are:

You make a window active by clicking on it with mouse button 1.

In SCO Panner, you can also select the active window in the view area by pressing <Alt><Tab>. This brings one window at a time to the front and makes it active.

Pressing <Alt><Shift><Tab> cycles through the windows in the reverse order.

This is the default keyboard focus policy.

You make a window active by moving the pointer onto it. This does not bring the window to the front of the others on the screen. To bring the window to the front, click on its frame.
To alter the keyboard focus policy, use the *keyboardFocusPolicy resource, assigning it a value of either ``explicit'' or ``pointer''.

If you change the keyboard focus policy to ``pointer'', you may also want to set the *focusAutoRaise resource to ``true'', so your active window automatically raises to the top, regardless of where you click in the window.

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