Using Mail

Specifying printer and viewer capabilities

You can maintain your own copy of a special file that contains information on how your local printers, viewers, and players can handle different types of mail. This enables you to print and look at the contents of messages that contain GIF images, postscript files, audio data, and so on. This file is called the mail capabilities (mailcap) file and is kept in $HOME/.mailcap.

A mailcap file consists of one or more entries, each describing how to handle one mail type at the local site. Entries are separated by one or more newlines, and lines that start with a number sign (#) are considered comments.

Each mailcap entry must be included on a single line or, if multiple lines are required, the ``\'' character must be present at the very end of all lines but the last. For example:

   text/plain;scoedit -r %s; compose=scoedit %s; edit=scoedit %s
This line may be split into:
   scoedit -r %s; compose=scoedit %s;\
   edit=scoedit %s

Each entry begins with the type of message being described, for example, ``text/plain'' or ``postscript''. This is followed by a semicolon, and then the command that describes how to handle this message type. For more information on mailcap entries, see mailcap(F).

A system-wide mailcap file is usually maintained in /usr/lib/scomail/mailcap. You can start your own file by making of copy of this system-wide file in your home directory.

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