SCO Visual Tcl Programmer's Guide and Reference

About this book
        How this book is organized
        Related documentation
        How can we improve this book?

Introducing SCO Visual Tcl
        Basic components of SCO Visual Tcl
        How SCO Visual Tcl works
                The Application widget and widget tree
                        Parents and children
                Widget naming
                Widget layout
                Dialog widgets
                Widget focus
                Additional widget support
        Events and callbacks
                Command and option structure and validation
        Developing for the character environment
        Some useful features of SCO Visual Tcl
        Other SCO Visual Tcl Resources

Creating an SCO Visual Tcl program -- an overview
        The kill program example
        Defining the callbacks
        Coding the supporting routines
        Outline of kill program procedures
        Coding the Main routine
                Establishing a connection to the server (VtOpen)
                        About the widget tree
                        Specifying the command to execute
                Creating the main form (VtFormDialog)
                        Widget naming guidelines
                        Returning handle references
                        The empty form
        Defining the menu tree
                Creating the menu bar (VtMenuBar)
                Creating menu buttons (VtPushButton)
        Creating the process list (VtList, VxSetVar)
        Attaching variables to a form (VxSetVar)
                Retrieving attached variables (VxGetVar)
                VxSetVar example
        Reviewing the Main routine
        Getting the process ID (MenuKillCB)
                About keyed lists and the callback structure (cbs)
                Getting the process ID (PID)
                About question dialogs
                Creating the question dialog (VtQuestionDialog)
        Specifying an action when user clicks OK (KillFormOkCB)
        Updating process list in response to user (MenuRefreshCB)
        Exiting the program (MenuExitCB)
        Updating the process list (DoRefresh)
        Displaying the process list (GetPsList)
        Completed kill program

The SCO Visual Tcl environment
        vtcl environment variables
        *_vtcld environment variables
        Character mode environment variables
        Character server command flags (cm_vtcld)
        Interpreter command flags (vtcl)

Using callbacks and procedures
        Callback data structure (cbs) and keyed lists
        Other defined callbacks

Adding online help
        About short help
        Creating short help
        About context-sensitive help
        Creating context-sensitive help
                Dumping the widget sums
                Template widget sums for main window: appGUI (partial list)
                Creating a help book
                Creating the hook file
                Adding a help book to the system
                Testing your help book
        Displaying manual pages with VtDisplayHelp

Command options by class
        Geometry class options
        Object class options
        Button class options
        Dialog class options
        Form class options
        Label class options
        List class options
        RowColumn class options

Command options alphabetical list

SCO Visual Tcl interpreter errors
        Examples of error generation
                        Example 1 -- entering a command-line argument
                        Example 2 -- pressing err1
                        Example 3 -- pressing err2
                        Example 4 -- pressing noCallBack
        Tcl widget creation errors
        Tcl communication errors
        Tcl miscellaneous errors
        Tcl list addition, deletion, selection, and deselection errors

User interface style conventions
        Industry guidelines
        What makes a good user interface?
        GUI design methodology
        GUI design elements
                Action message
                Cascade menu
                Default action
                Default button
                Default value
                Dialog box
                Error dialog
                Information message
                List box
                Menu bar
                Push button
                Progress indicator
                Radio button
                Shortcut Keys
                Tool bar
                Warning message
        CHARM interface guidelines
                Window components

(TCL) commands by type
        Environment commands
        Flow of control commands
        Information commands
        File input and output commands
        List handling commands
        Regular expression commands
        TCL interpreter
        Variable and array commands
        Basic commands
        Debugging and development commands
        UNIX System access commands
        TCP/IP server access
        File scanning commands
        Math commands
        Keyed lists
        String and character manipulation commands
        XPG/3 message catalog commands
        Help commands
        Loadable libraries and packages
        Package library management commands

(VTCL) commands by type
        Connection oriented commands
        Widget creation commands
                Generic layout widgets
                Specialized layout widgets
                Menu creation widgets
                Compound widgets
                Simple widgets
        Widget manipulation commands
                List manipulation commands
        Other commands
        Interpreter-only commands

(TCL) commands

(VTCL) commands