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You can use DocView Search to search through all of the installed documentation on the system. This includes guides, HOWTOs, man pages, info files, and miscellaneous text files.

  • Searches are not case sensitive. You can enter upper, lower, or mixed case and get the same results.
  • The search will find all of the ending variations a word might have. For example, if you enter "configure", you will find "configure", "configures", "configured" and "configuring".
  • You cannot use wild card characters (*?).
  • You cannot search for phrases -- phrases are treated as a list of individual words with no relationship to each other.

Choose the word(s) you search for carefully and make them as specific as possible. This makes the search quicker, and produces a smaller, more relevant list of results.


Match: All (default)
A match must include all of the words, but each word can appear separately, and might be found anywhere in the document.
Match: Any
A document can have any one of the words you type -- it need not have more than one.
Match: Expression
You can enter "and", "or", "not" operators to form a logical expression. These are especially useful for narrowing your search. Examples:
  • performance and tuning: finds all documents that contain both words
  • adapters or controllers: finds all documents that contain either word
  • alias not mail: finds all documents that contain the word "alias" but not the word "mail"

Format: Short (default)
Only the titles of matching documents are shown in the results list.
Format: Long
Titles are shown along with a short excerpt from the file.