Manual section NADM

automount - automatically mount NFS filesystems
biod - NFS daemon
bootparamd - boot parameter server
exportfs - export and unexport directories to NFS clients
Intro - introduction to ONC maintenance and operation commands
lockd - network lock daemon
makedbm - make a Network Information Service (NIS) dbm file
map2ascii - Network Information Service (NIS) database conversion routines
mountd - NFS mount request server
nfs - NFS start/stop script
nfsd - NFS daemon
nfsstat - Network File System statistics
nis - NIS start/stop script
nmountall - nmountall, numountall - mount, unmount multiple filesystems
numountall - unmount multiple filesystems
pcnfsd - NFS daemon for PC-NFS user authentication and remote printing
portmap - Internet port to RPC program number mapper
portmapper - Internet port to RPC program number mapper
revnetgroup - reverse the netgroup file
rexd - RPC-based remote execution server
rpcinfo - report RPC information
rpcinit - RPC start/stop script
rusersd - network user name server
rwall - write to all users over a network
rwalld - network rwall server
share - make local NFS resource available for mounting by remote systems
showmount - show all remote mounts
statd - network status monitor
unshare - make local NFS resource unavailable for mounting by remote systems
ypbind - store NIS server locations
ypinit - build and install Network Information Service (NIS) databases
ypmake - rebuild Network Information Service (NIS) databases
yppasswdd - server for modifying the Network Information Service (NIS) password file
yppoll - what version of an NIS map is at an NIS server host
yppush - force propagation of a changed NIS map
ypserv - look up database information
ypserv, ypbind, ypxfrd - Network Information Service (NIS) server, binder and transfer processes
ypset - point ypbind at a particular server
ypshad2pwd - install and update the /etc/passwd.yp passwd file
ypwhich - which host is the Network Information Service (NIS) server or map master
ypxfr - transfer an NIS map from an NIS server to here
ypxfrd - transfer NIS maps